Cited News presents the most important citations on Wikipedia

Citations on Wikipedia should be verifiable, resulting in high quality news sources. Through analysing citations, it is possible to determine how reliable a source is (how many different Wikipedia articles use it as a source) and how newsworthy a Wikipedia page is (how many different sources are writing about a topic). These metrics are combined to determine the most important news story for any given date.

Being based on Wikipedia citations, Cited News should not suffer from problems such as fake news or being an echo chamber. But in practice, Cited News is only as good as its source.

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Top news stories

Article Wikipedia Page citations
Despite Evidence, Robert Mueller Would Not Say Whether Trump Obstructed Justice. Here's Why
 by, importance: 316.5
At least 110 Fulani herders killed in central Mali's worst violence yet
 by, importance: 201.02
Extinction Rebellion: Met Police asks for 200 extra officers
 by, importance: 98.84
Obituary: Georgios Papadopoulos
 by, importance: 80.84
Lyra McKee: Two teenagers arrested under Terrorism Act
 by, importance: 77.18

Yesterday's top news stories

Article Wikipedia Page citations
Mueller report: Eight things we only just learned
 by, importance: 404.94
Notre-Dame’s Safety Planners Underestimated the Risk, With Devastating Results
 by, importance: 252.75
Joe Biden Is Running for President
 by, importance: 244.9
Journalist shot dead during Derry trouble
 by, importance: 222.88
Fridays For Future: Thousands join teen climate activist Greta Thunberg in Rome
 by, importance: 201.24
White House says Trump spoke to Libyan commander Haftar on Monday
 by, importance: 142.62
Trump meets with Brazil's president
 by, importance: 140.34
CCTV released following Lyra McKee murder
 by, importance: 139.83
Judiciary chairman issues subpoena for full Mueller report
 by, importance: 133.67
US envoy to Afghan peace talks 'disappointed' by collapse in talks with Taliban
 by, importance: 130.49
Not Tens of Thousands, But Millions of Instagram Passwords Exposed, Admits Facebook
 by, importance: 124.33
Donald Trump Announces 2016 Presidential Campaign: 'We Are Going Make our Country Great Again'
 by, importance: 103.29
Five former Obama ambassadors back Buttigieg
 by, importance: 98.16
Climate group reports influx of support as Extinction Rebellion protests continue
 by, importance: 93.73
The Last Walk in the Short Life of Ricky Byrdsong
 by, importance: 78.79
Trump fires back at 'Wacky Nut Job' Ann Coulter
 by, importance: 64.3
Natalie Morales Exits NBC's Access and Access Live After 3 Years
 by, importance: 61.7
Mueller Report Likely to Renew Scrutiny of Steele Dossier
 by, importance: 61.58
Samsung Galaxy Fold review: why you shouldn’t buy it
 by, importance: 56.91
Patrick Fyffe
 by, importance: 50.69
Ecuador orders arrest of former foreign minister
 by, importance: 50.5