Cited News presents the most important citations on Wikipedia

Citations on Wikipedia should be verifiable, resulting in high quality news sources. Through analysing citations, it is possible to determine how reliable a source is (how many different Wikipedia articles use it as a source) and how newsworthy a Wikipedia page is (how many different sources are writing about a topic). These metrics are combined to determine the most important news story for any given date.

Being based on Wikipedia citations, Cited News should not suffer from problems such as fake news or being an echo chamber. But in practice, Cited News is only as good as its source.

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Top news stories

Article Wikipedia Page citations
ISIS attack kills four in Iraq; mortars, explosives found outside Baghdad, Anbar
 by, importance: 190.18
Launch Manifest
 by, importance: 89.08
Christchurch Call: USA missing from 26 member pledge to eliminate violent online content
 by, importance: 58.54

Yesterday's top news stories

Article Wikipedia Page citations
Students From 1,600 Cities Just Walked Out of School to Protest Climate Change. It Could Be Greta Thunberg's Biggest Strike Yet
 by, importance: 233.96
Libyan National Army shoots down gov’t plane near Misrata – spokesman
 by, importance: 223.0
Militants kill at least 25 Nigerian soldiers, some civilians in ambush: sources
 by, importance: 193.24
Trump lawyers, House committees reach agreement to hold off on enforcing Deutsche Bank, Capital One subpoenas
 by, importance: 188.01
Toshiba resumes shipments to Huawei after brief suspension
 by, importance: 187.36
US orders new troops to Middle East to counter Iran 'threat'
 by, importance: 167.68
Newport County 0–1 Tranmere Rovers
 by, importance: 139.23
Federal Judge Blocks Trump’s Border-Wall Plans
 by, importance: 136.97
Syrian choppers destroy 2 jihadist bases in western Idlib: video
 by, importance: 131.36
Trump’s Targeting of Intelligence Agencies Gains a Harder Edge
 by, importance: 125.43
Tory rivals clash as leadership race begins
 by, importance: 107.25
A Judge Has Blocked Mississippi's 6-Week Abortion Ban
 by, importance: 97.81
Cannes 2019: the winner of the Palme d'Or to be announced – live
 by, importance: 95.59
Police request arrest warrant for Seungri on embezzlement, pimping
 by, importance: 94.83
Bernie Sanders Holds First Home State Rally of Presidential Campaign
 by, importance: 89.11
Policy on gay men donating blood challenged in High Court
 by, importance: 78.19
The Romanovs: 1613-1918
 by, importance: 70.64
Heart of Midlothian 1-2 Celtic
 by, importance: 69.26
Three Of 20 Students Killed In Surat Coaching Centre Fire Pass 12th Exams
 by, importance: 67.4
Production Quantities of Apricots by Country in 2017; Crops/World Regions/Production Quantity from picklists
 by, importance: 60.93
Barcelona 1–2 Valencia
 by, importance: 56.98
High winds scrub SpaceX launch of 60 Starlink internet relay satellites
 by, importance: 54.74
BBC Radio 3 - Free Thinking, Censorship and sex
 by, importance: 50.5