In order to display the most relevant stories of the day, articles and wikipedia pages are given a score according to how important the domains the references are hosted at are.

Only domains with the content type articles are listed.


The score of a domain is the logarithm of the number of Wikipedia pages the domain is used as a reference.

Domains also have a category, like news, sport or tech.

Wikipedia Page

The score of a Wikipedia page is the sum of the scores of the unique domains of the references on that page, given a set of categories.

An example of a set of categories are news-culture-sport-null. There is an implicit + for news. This means that for a given Wikipedia page, references where the domain has the category news positively affect the score, while domains with the types culture, sport or null affect the score negatively.

null simply means that the domain has not been categorised.

This means that you can define your own rankings, for example +ngo+edu-sport.


If you view the top stories grouped by articles, then the score of an article is the sum of the score of each Wikipedia page the article is cited on.