In order to display the most relevant stories of the day, Wikipedia pages are given a score according to how important the cited sources are.

Only domains with the content type articles are listed.

Scoring of sources

Sources are scored by the domain name of the source.

The score of a domain is the logarithm of the number of Wikipedia pages the domain is used as a citation.

Domains have a category, like news, sport or tech, as well as a content type, like articles or data. Only articles are shown on the front page.

Scoring of Wikipedia Pages

The score of a Wikipedia page is the sum of the scores of the unique domains of the citations on that page. The domains with the categories "news", "tech", "edu", "ngo", "gov", "social" are weighed positively, while "culture", "sport", unclassified are weighed negatively.

Scoring of articles

If you view the top stories grouped by articles, then the score of an article is the sum of the score of each Wikipedia page the article is cited on.