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Main points of Mueller report
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Grenfell Tower: Safety clearance for fridge-freezer model
 by, importance: 50.43
"Perpetrators Won't Be Spared": PM Condemns Maoist Attack In Maharashtra
 by, importance: 34.72
15 Indian commandos, driver killed in Maoist attack
 by, importance: 33.8
Taiwan to build 66 jet trainer aircraft by 2026 to bolster defenses
 by, importance: 28.3
Oscar-nominated film director in ME plea to MSPs
 by, importance: 25.42
Bloomberg - Are you a robot?
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Deepin 15.6 Linux OS Launches with Improved HiDPI Support, Light and Dark Themes
 by, importance: 16.36
Scripps closes its acquisition of 15 television stations from Cordillera Communications
 by, importance: 9.38
Peterborough by-election:Final list of 15 candidates revealed
 by, importance: 8.67
First written record of Semitic alphabet, from 15th century BCE, found in Egypt
 by, importance: 7.3
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