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Top news stories

Article Wikipedia Page citations
As presidential field swells to unheard-of size, Democrats may struggle to choose a nominee and message
 by, importance: 331.46
House Intel probing Trump attorneys for possible obstruction
 by, importance: 302.49
Before Ethiopian Crash, Boeing Resisted Pilots’ Calls for Aggressive Steps on 737 Max
 by, importance: 296.47
Alabama Lawmakers Vote to Effectively Ban Abortion in the State
 by, importance: 276.74
Meltdown Redux: Intel Flaw Lets Hackers Siphon Secrets from Millions of PCs
 by, importance: 234.72
Montana governor Steve Bullock enters 2020 presidential race
 by, importance: 226.81
Who pays for US tariffs on Chinese goods? You do
 by, importance: 215.99
DeSantis: Russians accessed 2 Florida voting databases
 by, importance: 208.9
Samajwadi Party, BSP social media content least sensational: Oxford study
 by, importance: 199.38
US 'blames Iran' for damaged tankers
 by, importance: 198.23
A Connecticut mosque fire was intentionally set, authorities say
 by, importance: 192.51
Sri Lanka blocks social media after worst anti-Muslim violence since Easter Sunday attacks
 by, importance: 177.61
European elections: Not unionism v nationalism says Alliance leader
 by, importance: 168.84
The 17th day of the heaviest escalation begins with about 70 airstrikes and tens of ground strikes targeting Jabal al-Akrad and the countryside of Idlib and Hama
 by, importance: 157.82
Mark Riddell, college admissions scandal test-taker, pleads guilty
 by, importance: 143.53
‘When Biden announced, everything changed’
 by, importance: 122.19
Legislator Pushing Abortion Ban in Alabama Says He’s Not ‘Smart Enough to Be Pregnant’
 by, importance: 120.8
These 25 white men – all Republicans – just voted to ban abortion in Alabama
 by, importance: 119.5
Alabama Lawmakers Pass Bill Banning Nearly All Abortions
 by, importance: 112.43
Not guilty plea entered for alleged synagogue shooter on 109 federal charges
 by, importance: 111.95
President Trump Touts His Rollback of Environmental Policies in an Energy State
 by, importance: 109.24
Theresa May to Bring her Brexit Deal Back to Parliament in June
 by, importance: 102.13
A Teen Allegedly Assaulted An Elderly Woman. Cops Pursued Him Like The Golden State Killer.
 by, importance: 93.08
Cometh the hour, cometh the man – it's time for the Tories to send for Boris
 by, importance: 92.74
Venezuelan security services block lawmakers from parliament
 by, importance: 92.35
Steve Bullock, Montana Governor, Is Running for President
 by, importance: 87.34
Doug McAvoy, leader of the National Union of Teachers whose term was marked by bitter rows with the hard Left – obituary
 by, importance: 86.91
'Jeopardy' Ratings Hit 14-Year High as James Holzhauer's Streak Continues
 by, importance: 84.13
Eurovision 2019: Show CUTS OUT as BBC forced to apologise for huge technical fault
 by, importance: 82.2
Huawei 'prepared to sign no-spy agreement with UK government'
 by, importance: 82.15
New trains launch on East Coast Main Line
 by, importance: 77.7
2019 NAS Election
 by, importance: 77.58
Jeremy Corbyn pushed for action on antisemitism – but was held back by bureaucracy
 by, importance: 74.51
Alabama Senate passes near-total abortion ban
 by, importance: 73.96
Republican voters nominate N.C. state lawmaker who sponsored controversial ‘bathroom bill’ in 9th Congressional District race
 by, importance: 73.06
Tabu says De De Pyaar De is not about mindless laughter: There is seriousness and maturity
 by, importance: 72.2
At least 134 Fulani herders killed in central Mali's worst violence yet
 by, importance: 71.81
Reckless leaves Tories in Cardiff Bay
 by, importance: 70.67
Yemen’s Houthi Rebels Attack Saudi Oil Facilities, Escalating Tensions in Gulf
 by, importance: 65.41
Picks and Pans Review: A Brave Escape from Polygamy
 by, importance: 64.26
Nextdoor Valued at More Than $2 Billion in Fresh Funding Round
 by, importance: 59.1
Former Newcastle Jets player becomes first Australian male soccer player to come out as gay
 by, importance: 57.96
'It's a Sight to See'
 by, importance: 55.99
Biden’s Nafta Vote Is a Liability in the Rust Belt
 by, importance: 54.94
The OnePlus 7 Pro has a 90Hz screen, three cameras, and costs $669
 by, importance: 53.25
California jury orders Monsanto to pay $2 billion damages to a couple who got cancer from Roundup weedkiller
 by, importance: 52.51
Sunday cable ratings: 'Game of Thrones' hits new highs (again), 'Veep' finale holds steady
 by, importance: 51.33
Garrett Camp
 by, importance: 50.51
Greens hopeful steps down over FB comment
 by, importance: 50.46