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Citations on Wikipedia should be verifiable, resulting in high quality news sources. Through analysing citations, it is possible to determine how reliable a source is (how many different Wikipedia articles use it as a source) and how newsworthy a Wikipedia page is (how many different sources are writing about a topic). These metrics are combined to determine the most important news story for any given date.

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Top news stories

Article Wikipedia Page citations
Mediation in Norway aims to resolve Venezuela crisis
 by, importance: 524.77
Trump's tariffs are equivalent to one of the largest tax increases in decades
 by, importance: 509.58
Christchurch shooter's links to Austrian far right 'more extensive than thought'
 by, importance: 454.4
Boeing says it has completed 737 Max software fix
 by, importance: 368.97
Flynn provided details in Mueller's obstruction inquiry, new memo shows
 by, importance: 339.72
May agrees to set departure date after Brexit bill vote as Johnson announces leadership bid – as it happened
 by, importance: 328.04
Bill de Blasio officially launches 2020 presidential campaign
 by, importance: 275.74
Momentum urges Labour to adopt 'radical' pledges in next manifesto
 by, importance: 229.5
Joe Biden supports decriminalizing marijuana, stops short of calling for legalization
 by, importance: 228.01
I.M. Pei, World-Renowned Architect, Is Dead at 102
 by, importance: 218.58
Omar introduces bill sanctioning Brunei over anti-homosexuality law
 by, importance: 198.41
First results from New Horizons’ time in the Kuiper Belt - Only about 10 percent of the data has been transmitted so far, but it says a lot.
 by, importance: 194.36
Barr Says He Isn’t Blocking Mueller’s Testimony to Congress
 by, importance: 171.85
Five killed in gun battle in Indian-controlled Kashmir
 by, importance: 169.23
Gargash: Probe into sabotage of ships near Fujairah coast will be complete in days
 by, importance: 168.76
Here's how Trump's latest executive order could affect Huawei
 by, importance: 167.57
Libya: Evidence of possible war crimes underscores need for international investigation
 by, importance: 165.77
The 17th day of the heaviest escalation begins with about 70 airstrikes and tens of ground strikes targeting Jabal al-Akrad and the countryside of Idlib and Hama
 by, importance: 162.59
Bishop of Lincoln Christopher Lowson suspended from office
 by, importance: 161.01
Khashoggi's fiancée pleads with U.S. to hold Saudi Arabia accountable for journalist's murder
 by, importance: 153.78
Police forcibly remove activists living in the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington
 by, importance: 126.08
Bullock becomes first 2020 Dem to pick up endorsement from statewide elected official in Iowa
 by, importance: 124.78
Stephen Colbert Takes On Alabama's Restrictive Abortion Law
 by, importance: 119.2
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio launches 2020 presidential campaign
 by, importance: 109.64
Pelosi warns Trump on Iran: Only Congress can declare war
 by, importance: 108.82
Police arrest Idaho man in 23-year-old cold-case murder of Angie Dodge
 by, importance: 106.38
U.S. Senate confirms Jeffrey Rosen as No. 2 Justice Department official
 by, importance: 104.46
Trump to meet with President of Swiss Confederation as Iran tensions heighten
 by, importance: 102.61
Mar-a-Lago intruder told feds she came for an event. She knew it was canceled, source says
 by, importance: 101.1
Gabbard: US must not go to war with Iran
 by, importance: 100.71
Why Yadavs-Jatavs are voting together - BJP responsible?
 by, importance: 95.79
#youknowme - women mobilise against U.S. abortion crackdown
 by, importance: 82.98
NASA's New Horizons Team Publishes First Kuiper Belt Flyby Science Results
 by, importance: 80.86
Military F-16 Fighter Jet Crashes At March Air Reserve Base; Pilot OK After Ejecting
 by, importance: 79.06
2019 NAS Election
 by, importance: 77.96
The Christchurch Call pledge document in full
 by, importance: 77.35
Tabu on chemistry with Ajay Devgn: We look good together and it works
 by, importance: 76.14
The Song Company Has Been Placed in Voluntary Administration
 by, importance: 73.36
McDermott In The Station Game With WLNE, KLKN
 by, importance: 66.21
Prince Harry accepts damages over Splash News Agency photos
 by, importance: 62.9
Probation will be renationalised after disastrous Grayling reforms
 by, importance: 60.65
Foreign Policy's 100 Global Thinkers
 by, importance: 59.68
Fisker failed. But now the EV pioneer is ready for an epic redo
 by, importance: 54.53
'Big Tech' isn't one big monopoly – it's 5 companies all in different businesses
 by, importance: 53.45
Fear and loathing inside Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party
 by, importance: 52.03
'We Want Fundamental Political Change'
 by, importance: 51.41
Essential poll: majority of voters think Bill Shorten will be the winner on Saturday
 by, importance: 50.13