How to contribute

Cited News relies on Wikipedia for news stories, so in order to submit an article to Cited News you need to add said article as a reference to a Wikipedia article.

New stories should appear within 15 minutes or so after being added to Wikipedia.

Submitting stories

If you find a news story you think should be on Cited News, you need to identify which Wikipedia article(s) the story is relevant to. (Or create a new one.)

Make sure you include the date in the citation.

Example citation:

<ref> {{cite news|title=Yemen faces world's worst cholera outbreak – UN|url=|accessdate=26 June 2017|publisher=BBC News|date=25 June 2017}} </ref>

If the reference is on a domain which have not been seen before, you must also ensure that the domain has been categorized and classified.

Fixing citations

Sometimes references with incorrect citations are picked up. To correct this, you first need to correct the dates in the reference on the relevant Wikipedia article.

Next, you must click on the date of the relevant citation on Cited News. Here you will find a "Re-fetch from Wikipedia" button, which will mark the citation for renewal.

Giving domains categories and content types

On Cited News, domains needs a category and a type. Navigate to /domains/show/ (substituting with the domain you wish to categorize), and click the buttons at the top.

Only domains with the content type "articles" show up on Cited News.

Domains with a lot of citations may be protected to avoid vandalism.