The goal of Cited News is to present today's most important news. This is done by crawling Wikipedia articles for references, and analyzing them to find which are most important. (More on how stories are ranked.)

Today many people get their news from social media sites like Twitter, Facebook or Reddit. This is problematic as these sites are easily manipulated; and even when they are not they tend to promote "echo chambers".

Some examples:

Cited News tries to sidestep problems like this by using Wikipedia as a source for what is considered newsworthy, as opposed to upvotes, likes or retweets. On a good Wikipedia article, all the references should be reliable and trustworthy.

In addition to promoting reliable stories, Cited News rating is also transparent; the end user can easily see how the Wikipedia references contribute to how a story is promoted.

That being said, Wikipedia is not free from bias, and the stories on Cited News will always reflect Wikipedia. If you're not happy with the stories on Cited News, please consider editing Wikipedia. (More on how to contribute)