Cited News presents the most important citations on Wikipedia

Citations on Wikipedia should be verifiable, resulting in high quality news sources. Through analysing citations, it is possible to determine how reliable a source is (how many different Wikipedia articles use it as a source) and how newsworthy a Wikipedia page is (how many different sources are writing about a topic). These metrics are combined to determine the most important news story for any given date.

Being based on Wikipedia citations, Cited News should not suffer from problems such as fake news or being an echo chamber. But in practice, Cited News is only as good as its source.

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Top news stories

Article Wikipedia Page citations
Foreigners among those targeted in New Zealand mosque attack
 by, importance: 447.58
Bloomberg - Are you a robot?
 by, importance: 200.89
Pell lashes out after gays refused communion
 by, importance: 104.71
Mail bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc pleads guilty
 by, importance: 69.15

Yesterday's top news stories

Article Wikipedia Page citations
Christchurch mosque shootings: Who were the victims?
 by, importance: 324.36
Juan Guaidó's chief of staff arrested by Venezuelan agents
 by, importance: 285.51
Colorado’s Sen. Michael Bennet near presidential announcement, sources say
 by, importance: 201.21
Doomed 737 Max 8 Jets lacked two key safety features that Boeing sold as extras - The Boston Globe
 by, importance: 199.33
White House rejects Dem requests for info on Putin communications
 by, importance: 140.67
ISIS caliphate has crumbled and last stronghold liberated, Fox News has learned
 by, importance: 132.2
Doomed Boeing Jets Lacked 2 Safety Features That Company Sold Only as Extras
 by, importance: 126.1
Al Qaeda-linked Syria group breaks Idlib truce, killing 21 regime forces
 by, importance: 123.59
Physics explains why time passes faster as you age
 by, importance: 122.66
PewDiePie vs. T-Series: YouTube Channels Keep Battling for No. 1 Spot
 by, importance: 118.92
Trump says US should recognize Israeli sovereignty over disputed Golan Heights
 by, importance: 116.12
Cyclone Idai: Rescuers race against time to reach survivors
 by, importance: 115.41
EU leaders agree Brexit delay plan
 by, importance: 114.65
Belfast Telegraph A-Level: Northern Ireland School League Tables 2019
 by, importance: 108.08
George Pell taken to hospital after prison flu outbreak, ABC told
 by, importance: 104.94
The Kingdom and the Kushners. Jared Went to Riyadh. So Did His Brother
 by, importance: 96.22
Brexit: Britain will not leave the E.U. next week after European leaders allow a short reprieve
 by, importance: 88.25
The BJP has fallen back on the Ram temple in its bid for electoral victory
 by, importance: 60.54
Lion Air Crash Families Say They Were Pressured to Sign No-Suit Deal
 by, importance: 52.31
Rent the Runway hits a $1 billion valuation
 by, importance: 51.9
No jail for Melb man for racist calls
 by, importance: 50.12