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Citations on Wikipedia should be verifiable, resulting in high quality news sources. Through analysing citations, it is possible to determine how reliable a source is (how many different Wikipedia articles use it as a source) and how newsworthy a Wikipedia page is (how many different sources are writing about a topic). These metrics are combined to determine the most important news story for any given date.

Being based on Wikipedia citations, Cited News should not suffer from problems such as fake news or being an echo chamber. But in practice, Cited News is only as good as its source.

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Top news stories

Article Wikipedia Page citations
UAE's migrant workers fret over future in coronavirus economy
 by, importance: 634.75
SpaceX’s Dark Satellites Are Still Too Bright for Astronomers
 by, importance: 623.48
Nagorno-Karabakh conflict: 'Execution' video prompts war crime probe
 by, importance: 234.54
Trump floats idea of delaying election, congressional Republicans reject idea
 by, importance: 213.33
UAE official tells Turkey to stop meddling in Arab affairs over Libya
 by, importance: 126.63
United crowned kings of Europe
 by, importance: 95.43
Cambridge, October 24
 by, importance: 57.18

Yesterday's top news stories

Article Wikipedia Page citations
False ‘thug’ narratives have long been used to discredit movements
 by, importance: 397.7
Lebanon security chief returns to Beirut after positive COVID-19 test in U.S.
 by, importance: 333.93
Who won the presidential debate?
 by, importance: 291.02
Trump announces that Israel and Sudan have agreed to normalize relations
 by, importance: 288.07
John Daly after being President Donald Trump's guest at debate: 'He's like me and Jesus'
 by, importance: 279.4
Trump-Biden debate: Muting and better behavior leads to less heat, more light
 by, importance: 247.59
Azerbaijan: Cluster Munitions Used in Nagorno-Karabakh
 by, importance: 237.39
Trump and Biden Finally Talk Schools
 by, importance: 231.3
Business News Live, Share Market News - Read Latest Finance News, IPO, Mutual Funds News
 by, importance: 230.85
On the Motion to Proceed (Motion to Proceed to Legislative Session)
 by, importance: 230.75
Fact check: Biden falsely claims he never opposed fracking
 by, importance: 230.74
Facebook Failed Miserably in its Attempt to Stop the Hunter Biden Story
 by, importance: 195.21
Britain would be better off with Joe Biden
 by, importance: 194.09
Senate takes up Barrett nomination
 by, importance: 191.84
Even if Joe Biden misspoke about 'Proud Boys,' social media embraces 'poor boys'
 by, importance: 191.76
Connecting the dots of the Hong Kong law and veneration of Xi
 by, importance: 185.43
Bird Brains Are Far More Humanlike Than Once Thought
 by, importance: 185.08
Tiffany Trump botches saying LGBTQ at 'Pride’ rally and insists father supports community
 by, importance: 168.59
UN says Libya sides reach ‘permanent ceasefire’ deal
 by, importance: 165.09
England-Barbarians match called off
 by, importance: 155.67
Beware the pandemic of hysteria
 by, importance: 143.31
Meghan Markle, Prince Harry launch website for charitable venture Archewell
 by, importance: 131.28
Hindustan Times - Archive News
 by, importance: 114.81
Coronavirus infections continue to rise across UK
 by, importance: 110.72
Prayut lifts state of emergency
 by, importance: 110.52
Turkey irked over joint declaration by Cyprus, Greece and Egypt
 by, importance: 104.49
Opioid maker Purdue Pharma agrees $8bn US settlement
 by, importance: 103.54
Diaspora Uighurs Say China Confirms Deaths, Indictments of Missing Relatives Years Later
 by, importance: 102.28
Chinese rocket companies secure local government support for research, production facilities
 by, importance: 101.81
Colombia vice-president tests positive for coronavirus
 by, importance: 99.77
Axiom Space finalizing first commercial ISS mission
 by, importance: 89.73
2020 Election Live Updates: After Final Debate, Campaigns Enter Homestretch
 by, importance: 88.17
I Spent One Week Eating Like There Was No Tomorrow. Then Tomorrow Never Came.
 by, importance: 81.57
What caused the blast that destroyed a girls' school
 by, importance: 80.9
Peter Benenson
 by, importance: 76.82
Ireland suspends its extradition treaty with Hong Kong
 by, importance: 68.1
Leader of New Hebrides rebellion sentenced
 by, importance: 63.6
How biased is your news source? You probably won’t agree with this chart
 by, importance: 62.53
Getting Mrs T into focus
 by, importance: 58.76
Madhya Pradesh Government Transfers Director General Of Police, Names New Police Chief
 by, importance: 58.13
Battle of billionaires: Griffin slams Pritzker push for graduated income tax amendment in email to employees
 by, importance: 55.94
Upset Bruce takes hard line despite Butt apology
 by, importance: 55.44
10 new Covid-19 cases in Singapore, all imported
 by, importance: 54.79
لماذا يركز الإعلام على الهجمات التي ينفذها إسلاميون ويتجاهل غيرها؟
 by, importance: 52.54
Olive Shapley obituary
 by, importance: 51.18